I’ve noticed that for some people, doing the work is the part that seems to get in the way of achieving the desired result or outcome. This isn’t a judgment; it’s an observation. To be honest, I’m pretty sure that we all have some area in our lives where we would like a result or outcome, but aren’t really keen or willing to do the work required to achieve it. I, for sure, have some projects that aren’t moving along, because I’m not moving them along.

I recently heard this phenomenon described brilliantly in Rich Litvin’s Extraordinary Coach Intensive, when Rich talked about people who really want to get published, but don’t want to write a book. They like the idea of being an author, but they don’t want to do the work of writing it.

It’s like deciding to get in shape, or lose weight, or build muscles. You can hire the very best personal trainer on the planet, or at least the very best you can afford, but if you’re unwilling to do your workouts, you’re not going to see results. Plain and simple. If you think hiring the trainer was enough, you’ll quickly discover that your assumption was inaccurate and your results will be inadequate (which may then lead to you giving up).

Hiring the trainer ≠ results. If the only person doing the squats is the trainer, the only person getting fit is the trainer. No one is going to do your squats for you. And, even if they could, you wouldn’t see any results in yourself. You might see all kinds of them over there, and even feel discouraged because they’re so strong and lean and you are not. But that would be because THEY’RE DOING THEIR WORK AND YOU ARE NOT.

This is what has people give up and quit whatever it is they are wanting to create (be it a business, a book, losing ten pounds, etc): not seeing the results of their hard work. And, let’s be honest—it is much harder to see the results of your hard work if you are not doing any or much of it in the first place. Check out any gym in January and then again in February if you want to see this phenomenon play out in real time. Results take time and they take effort.

Whether or not you enjoy the work is entirely up to you (the struggle is optional), but that’s the topic for another post. For now, suffice it to say that remembering the results you want to see (keeping your vision present), and finding ways to enjoy the work are going to go a LONG way in seeing you actually take the action required.

When you hire a running coach to get you ready for a marathon, you are the one who has to do the running. You know, because it’s YOUR race. No one can run it for you. Even if they could, they would win, not you.

When it comes to getting fit, no one can do the work for you but yourself. When it comes to creating your life, it’s the same equation.

Whatever it is you want to create in your life will require you create it. You can hire a coach, and you can spend a lot of money on getting the best coach you can afford, or you can attend all the trainings, seminars and conferences in the world, but it doesn’t matter how good all of that is are if you aren’t willing to sit down and do the work. All the awareness in the world won’t pick up the phone/connect with clients/design your website/write your book/raise the money, etc.

If you want to create a result, you’re going to have to do Your Work.