What People
Bay is an exquisite human and a powerful coach!

She brings marvelous joy, her whole heart and brilliant wisdom to every session.
Working together I became aware and moved many of my limiting beliefs. I created projects that enabled me to have my true desires fulfilled and I have a radiant sense of self that I didn’t believe was possible.

Stacey T

Breakthrough! That is what happens when you coach with Bay LeBlanc Quiney. Bay alchemizes her vast professional experience and her brilliant coaching skills into something so profound and magical, yet boots on the ground practical.

What a great experience, and one that will be paying dividends both professionally and personally for years.

Mark J. Silverman

Bay is sort of brutally honest, in the most wonderful way possible. She also has this way of creating this sort-of uncomfortable-delight-confrontation experience with her clients. I’ve seen Bay tear someone’s belief structures apart, and have them be really happy about it, and also deeply uncomfortable. I don’t even know how she does it, but I’m always amazed by it.

Toku McCree

If you want to experience yourself as unstoppable get coached by Bay. I put a bunch of self limiting stories to bed, namely a scarcity and worthlessness story that had been running the show. I 10xed my income, bought a condo and had a solo art show.
Be intentional in creating what you want, because if you don’t, something else will be created in its place. And you might not like what that looks like.” – favourite quote by Bay to me, during one of our coaching sessions.
After working with Bay for two years, all I can say is, thank you. Bay’s coaching is an incredible mix of intuitive brilliance, unconditional love, and playful magic. I am grateful for the safe space she created for me to open to my own heart and soul…
Working with Bay has been transformative, challenging, fun and terrifying — but always in the best way possible. I came to coaching through a series of recommendations and coincidences and certainly had no idea what to expect.
I was lucky enough to work with Bay for an entire year. Because of the work we did together, my life has been forever changed. When I started coaching with Bay, I was a victim to my own life – always feeling like my life happened TO me and I had no options to make the changes I wanted and needed.

Nancy C. – Portland Oregon

I would highly recommend Bay as a coach to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Bay has a true ability to connect with you and make you feel incredibly comfortable while working with her. Throughout our work together, she has been an extremely intuitive listener, a great motivator…
I had my first coaching session with Bay in February of 2013. On our first call together, we quickly established a warm, open rapport. Her energy and enthusiasm for coaching were apparent right away.
I have had a lot of experience being coached over the last decade or so by a lot of different people… Your perspective is so different than my own, that I know you’re going to shine some kind of light or mirror on something I’ve been oftentimes unwilling to look at, that’s going to shake my world up.

Christina Berkley

We worked together for a year. I was looking for support as I was making a major career change and becoming an entrepreneur. Never did I ever end a session with Bay where I thought, “well that was a waste of time.” Even when I didn’t want do the work, I remembered our agreement to show up.

Karen G.B.