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GLIMMERS: what are they and how to find them.

I’m talking about a really important relationship: mine, with me and my own body (also, you with yours)..

Let’s talk about getting our needs and wants met and how we get in the way of getting what we want and need.

On Winter ending, Spring arriving, our impatience and why looking at problems can be problematic.

Let’s talk about why knowing why isn’t enough, and how our need to understand can actually get in our way.

I’ll share how my goals went in 2022 and what I’m doing about it this year.
Holiday Survival Guide for people who’d like to enjoy the season and not just get through it.

How To: Not lose your mind over the holidays/month of December.

Why we need structure and commitment around time off and how to make it not suck.

Brought to you by a flight cancellation and sudden plot twist.

Why you aren’t seeing the results you want (and what to do to change it).

On doing things before we’re ready and feeling like it, and why waiting isn’t a great strategy.
Risk: something we all fear and casts a long shadow.

Why you can’t seem to get on top of things (& what to do about it)

Why you’re not getting what you want (well, one of the reasons why)

On doing new things and looking where we’re going.

What discomfort really means, what we make it mean and how to alleviate it.

Commitment: why it’s hard & how to make it easier.

It’s a glorious summer’s day, so why don’t we talk about Fear and what to do with it when it shows up?

Success: everyone wants it, but not many people talk about the hidden costs of getting what you want.

Is it my intuition or my ego? How to tell the difference (and why it matters).

Maybe it’s you. Or maybe, the other person is creating the justification for their desire…

Why your fear won’t always look or feel like fear, and why that might get in your way…

How to give feedback and why it almost always sucks.

HOW NOT TO BE A VICTIM ~ the difference between choices and options and the power that gives us

What’s really happening when we wait until the last minute and why that’s when we do our best work.

 Let’s look at what it means when trust is broken, and how to fix it.

How trust really works, which is not the way we wish it would.

The best person to listen to when it comes to your goals and desires for 2022 is not who you think it is. How to stop outsourcing your power and start getting what you want.

There is a difference between wanting and needing, and you might both want AND need to know the difference.
Why it’s okay not to understand why something is happening, instead of needing to understand why something is happening in order for it to be okay.
I have an idea! Let’s look at forgiveness: what it means, what it doesn’t, how to do it and why it feels so hard.
How can we be grateful and still want change? Find out how to be in two places at once!
Anyone else feeling overwhelmed already (in the 2nd week of September)?
It’s one thing to be stuck on the fence; it’s another to jump back onto it.
How do you do decision-making? And how could you change the way you make choices (and why you might want to try it out)?

Do you think you’re lucky? Do you think you deserve what you’ve got coming?

Have you ever learned lessons in a surprising place?

Do you ever feel frustrated that you or your work seem to be invisible?

How to tell if your patience is morphing into complacence, and what to do about it.

Jealousy and envy: what do they mean & how are they different? How are they both getting in your way and how can you get past them?

Are you avoiding pain, or the idea of pain? 

Let’s talk about teams: how to be on a team, and how not to be, with special guest, Adam Quiney

Doing hard things versus doing things the hard way.

My fool-proof Perfect System™ for How Not to Fail.

How to find and, more importantly, how not to lose love & joy.

How to be angry: what to do (and also what not to do) with feelings of rage/outrage.

Find out how to avoid regret by just making the right choice in the first place (and how to make the right choice in any given decision.)

Let’s talk about structure: what is it and how does it work (or not)?
Stop saying you aren’t disciplined enough to do what you say you want to do, have, be or create. I’m willing to bet discipline isn’t the problem…
Let’s look at how to start over. What can you do when your get up ad go has gotten up and gone?

What you’re feeling is called languishing: Welcome to a driven person’s torture

Let’s talk about failure. What it is, what it isn’t, why we’re so afraid of it, and why maybe we shouldn’t be.

How to be more productive AND more rested, and why you’re not already.

You know how sometimes, things happen that you don’t like?
What if it keeps happening?

Why “no negative thoughts” doesn’t work, and what to do instead.

How our relationship to debt is costing us more than we think.

Let’s talk about getting love all wrong, and why you might want to be willing to try it out.

The Way You Make Me Feel & other lies to stop believing if you want to feel better about people.

How to Be Committed (also, how not to be).

In which we finally answer the age-old question of what is wrong with other people.…

How to avoid quitting, and why you feel like you are ready to throw in the towel.

In which we discuss the plateau of February and the purpose of suffering. 

Back-up plans: are they safety nets or brick walls? How back-up plans get in our way, and how to use them ON our way, instead.

Today we look at feelings: why we feel overwhelmed by them, and what to do about it.

How’s your relationship with Time? Here’s how to improve and empower your relationship to the marching sands of passing time. 

What burnout is and is not. Plus, how to recover from burnout 

The Problem with Goals & Resolutions…
Let’s bid farewell to a bad year.…

SNOW! And why it’s good to have a hobby (or several).

We’re talking about what you tolerate, and why it might be worth not being willing to tolerate some things moving forward.

Let’s talk about the parallel road: what it means, what it gets us, and what it can cost us.

Why it’s so important to clearly distinguish between defeat and disappointment.

In which we discuss how to do the right thing (I know right? #finally the answers you’ve always been waiting for 😉)

Why Knowing What To Do Isn’t Enough (& what to do about it).

At last! What happens when everything changes?

In these strange and crazy-making times, I think we could all use a reminder that it’s okay to be a human. ❤
Why you don’t want to start a project with HOW.

What No Really Means, about you, about them, about it all.

Happy Thanksgiving Monday from Canada!

Let’s talk about boundaries: how they work and how they don’t, because I could clearly use a reminder, and I bet I’m not the only one…

What’s your most valuable commodity? And how well do you manage your money? Are you a saver? A scrimper? A spendthrift?

Do you use your fear, or does your fear use you? Find out how to do alchemy and turn fear into gold!

Let’s talk about regret! How fun!

Why it’s more important than ever to be idealistic, and how to cultivate it.

Beware the reasonableness of your fear.

Combo Magic Monday with last week’s topic (this is it) and this week’s conversation on the importance of understanding the distinction between attention and intention.

The final instalment of the 4-part series on How To Make People Change, or Calling People In.

Part 3 in the 4-part series on How To Make People Change (a.k.a. How to Call People In

Week 2 in the “How to Call People In” series: Have space for grace!

Following up on last week’s message about calling people in, I’ve had several people ask me how to do it.

Seems like a good time to talk about the difference between calling people in versus calling them out, and why you might want to practice both…

It’s Magic Monday on Canada Day (Wednesday)!

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