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Bay LeBlanc Quiney is available for half- and full-day workshops and events, keynote addresses, public and private speaking engagements for executive leadership teams, entrepreneurs, and startups.
For media requests and interviews, please contact: pr@wonderlandandcompany.com.

Speaking topics include:


You will learn how fear works, and more importantly, how to discern fear-based thoughts and what to do with fear when it shows up. You will discover the true meaning of courage, and how to strengthen your courage muscles, which will create resilience in your life.

How to Harness the Power of Being Driven

We can all be inspired by people who appear extraordinarily driven, like athletes or business moguls. In this workshop, you will learn the key ingredients in drive, and learn how you can integrate and practice them in your life, to create the results you’re looking for in the life you desire to be living.

Why Possibility, Imagination and Vision Are Essential for Powerful Leadership

You will learn about the essential importance of possibility, imagination and vision for any leader looking to inspire and create change. You will discover how traits we tend to grow out of, like curiosity, wonder and belief, are your secret weapon against mediocrity and boredom, which are the antithesis of powerful leadership.

A Partial List of Speaking Engagements:

  • The University of Victoria Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
  • Husky Energy
  • Catholic Arch Diocese of Victoria
  • Rich Litvin Intensives
Bay LeBlanc Quiney, MBA, PCC, President of Wonderland & Co, is a private coach for the world’s most driven entrepreneurs and leaders specializing in one thing—helping people do impossible things.

Bay knows what it’s like to become so driven to achieve and succeed that you miss the entire ride, and the entire point, all because you believe that perfection is possible, if you try hard enough. Her people have created successful winning strategies that have become their sabotage.

Bay liberates people from the self-imposed poverty of perfectionism, and the autoimmune disease that it creates. She knows firsthand the cost of suffering perfectionism: when part of what is so great about you turns in on itself and becomes a destructive force. When the only thing you know to do to alleviate the discomfort of perfectionism is to try even harder to be perfect, because it has always worked before, but now fails you.

She works closely with her clients to create personal revolutions, combining brilliant insight and powerful transformation with incredible results, allowing them to uncover the edge and power they’ve been hiding, but know exists. Her clients uncover their superpowers and learn how to harness them to create not just the incredible results they’re accustomed to generating, but also a life that feels exciting and full of possibility.

Her clients include entrepreneurs, Olympic-level athletes, innovators, artists and designers, executives from multinational media corporations in the entertainment industry (such as NBCUniversal, Inc.), lawyers and doctors, from around the world. She travels the world from her home in Victoria, B.C. where she lives with the love of her life, Adam, and their two dogs, one of whom is a cat.

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