Let's stop chasing your dreams, and start living them, instead.

Your life is your story. Make up a good one.

Become the hero in your own adventure.

Our work will combine deep awareness and transformation in who you are being, with powerful, intentional creation, in order to bring your dream life to life.

You will use that great big imagination to generate a vision of life that excites you (if it scares you a little, that’s even better). With deep transformation as your foundation, you will begin to actively create the results you desire (a.k.a. The Life of Your Dreams).

Here’s what you will get really good at:

– Breaking the rules. We’ll begin by upending the story of you, and shaking out the rules that have held your world together until now. I mean it. We could be talking about gravity here. If the laws of physics don’t apply here, then your old crappy stories are definitely out.

– Seeing the invisible. We’ll dig deep to find out your truest desires, and uncover your mission here on Earth. We’ll find out your super-powers (and identify your kryptonite) and have you learning to harness them, so you can use them on purpose.

– Believing in impossible things. In our work together, you will discover what your world, your life, and your very self would look like if nothing were impossible, and if you could create your very own bespoke adventure. Then we make that impossibility a reality. See below.

– Making magic. You will learn alchemy: how to combine huge dreams with tiny steps, and turn them into real results. You’ll create a plan (yes, an actual plan!) and sculpt a new reality, turning impossible things into an “of-course” life, supported each and every step of the way.

– Spotting booby traps. Think Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom. We’ll uncover all the habits, patterns and beliefs (landmines, trapdoors and poison darts) that are standing between you and the story you want to be living, shifting them aside to make space for all those impossible things you want to do before breakfast.

– Illusionism. You will be getting real, while learning there’s no such thing. You will discover how malleable reality is, so that you can start to sculpt your life on purpose. You’ll create a life and a world that sets your heart on fire, and live a story worth telling.

A few things you might create working with me*:

– If you work with me, you are likely to create greater success in your life. It would be kind of weird for you to work with a coach and not create that, right?

You are likely to experience greater success in your professional life. Maybe it’s a raise or a promotion.

You are likely to experience greater success and satisfaction in your personal life.

You are likely to improve your relationships. You might even have better sex. (Who doesn’t want better sex? Don’t lie.).

You are likely to increase your income and earning potential.

You are likely to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This stuff is why people work with coaches. So, at the very least, you should be wanting the above results.

To be honest, you’re already on track to create what you want, mostly. After all, if you’re one of my people, you’re driven and therefore pretty reliable to create the results you desire.

But you’ve probably already discovered, time and time again, that getting exactly what you want never actually turns out to be exactly what you want. It’s never enough. There’s always something missing.

What’s missing is your ability to e-x-p-e-r-i-e-n-c-e your amazing life as you live it. To truly enjoy the view from the mountain peaks, instead of only being able to wish you were on the next one already.

What happens when you work with me is that you not only create your desired results with momentum and intention, but you BECOME the person who can create those results AND experience them, with satisfaction and fulfillment, all at the same time.

So, here’s what all of the above
really looks like,
when you work with me*:

You Will

You will remember who you are. You will remember who you want to be. You will make them the same thing.

You will create your life (career, experience, relationships), on purpose.

You will get REAL in your relationships. All of them. As in, your relationships with all those other people. Also with yourself, because the buck stops there, my friend.

You might create a relationship. Fall in love. Get married. You might end a relationship that isn’t working. You might do all of it.

You might change your career, get a promotion or create a side gig you love. You might turn a side gig you love into your main gig. You might fall back in love with what you are doing, remembering what called you to it in the first place.

You will learn how to do real magic by using your brilliant mind to create, not destroy, what you want.

You will learn how you get in your way, and how to tame/harness your survival mechanism, so as to stop you being the thing getting in your way.

You will learn how your resilience works, where it came from, and then you will learn how to harness your drive for the power of good. Kind of like going to Hogwarts.

You Will Stop

You will stop fighting your disbelief in magic and impossible things. You will become an inspiration to people around you.

You will stop giving so many shits about what people think about you.

You will stop playing small (even though your small is bigger than most).

You will stop waiting until you know you can do it right, perfectly.

You will stop letting your fears stop you. You will do it anyway.

You will stop giving up on what you really, really, really want.

You will stop believing (and acting like) “it’s never enough.”

You will stop waiting for adventure to knock on your door.

You will remember to wonder, to dream and to believe. This will be everything, because,
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
~ Walt Disney
*Results vary. What you will create is entirely up to you. I can’t wait to find out.
  • You are sure that how things are is a fact, and that it can’t go differently. I’m not going to wrestle with you: if you want to argue for your limitations, instead of your possibilities, then you can keep them.
  • You already know everything there is to know about yourself, so you’re just looking for a plan with a checklist of actions.
  • You just want to feel a bit better about your life or yourself.
  • You’re looking for a Band-Aid, a magic formula or a silver bullet to solve a problem. Band-aids are temporary bandages for small abrasions and silver bullets are for werewolves. Unless you have a werewolf issue, a silver bullet isn’t going to solve your problems.
  • You need to do this work in order for life to work.
    (If you want to do it, now we’re talking.)
  • You believe you need to fix yourself for life to work.
    P.S. You are not a porcelain vase. You’re not broken, so you don’t need to be fixed. If you’re ready to transform, let’s talk.
  • You believe someone else needs to fix him or herself for your life to work.
    P.S. They aren’t broken either. If you are not a porcelain vase, then neither is anyone else.
  • You think a habit or belief that was decades in the making will disappear in an instant because of something I say, or seven steps you read online.
  • You think we’re going to cure you of fear (a.k.a. “being human”).
  • You like the idea of your dreams, but are only willing to take steps towards them if you can know they’ll work out. You only want to play if you know you’ll win.
  • Your life, your career and your relationships are “pretty good” and that’s good enough—you don’t want to rock the boat.
  • You just need to get to the right [place, achievement, tax bracket] and then you’ll have time to take on this work.
  • You’re hoping that hiring a coach is all you need to do, for the life of your dreams to just show up at your door.
    I mean, I believe in magic, but I’m not your fairy godmother.
  • You think that if something is hard, it means the Universe is telling you to stop.
    (Actually, the Universe only works if you do.)
  • You want to see what I can do, or see me prove myself to you.
  • You want a cheerleader who’ll blow cotton candy and rainbows up your ass.
  • You’re unwilling to get uncomfortable.
  • You don’t have a sense of humour.
  • You don’t appreciate metaphors or brilliant analogies.
  • You don’t understand references to infamous archetypes, because you haven’t watched the movies or read the books.
    (e.g. If you don’t know Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, or basic, timeless fairy tales—what DID you read?)
  • You are only willing to risk a $5 buy-in, but expect to win the millionaire’s-table jackpot.
    That doesn’t work in a casino, and it doesn’t work in life, either.
  • You think you’ll know when the time is right because you’ll feel ready/amazing/confident/sure it’s time to play. Nope. There is no bluebird of right-timeliness. You make the decision, and then you make it right.

This work is the road less traveled, creating a world and self on purpose, which means you’ll be creating the path as you walk it.

We are not following a one-size-fits-all, 10-step plan here. We are co-creating a one-of-a-kind, bespoke transformational experience aimed at creating magic, power and leadership in you and for the world.

To take this work on, I will ask you to screw your courage to the sticking place, throw your cap over the wall, and be willing to believe in impossible things. I will be right beside you, doing the same.

Your commitment needs to match the possibility available, in order to be stronger than the fear and hefty resistance when—not if—they show up (and they will, because we are doing important things). That means a commitment of up to one year, and a financial commitment of between $10,000 and $50,000.

Private one-on-one coaching engagements will include:

  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited spot coaching, email and text support
  • Drop-in “Office Hours” during self-coaching weeks
  • A deep-dive visioning session to design your ideal life and the projects we’ll be working on to turn that vision into reality.
  • Additional random surprises that I can’t disclose here (because then they wouldn’t be a surprise, would they?).
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and find out if you’re up to do impossible things.